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complete line-up theater aan het spui small hall friday
De Garage    Dick el Demasiado     - continuous
Dick el Demasiado     - continuous


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former HKU-student Juriaan Moolhuysen made (together with a great team of enthusiasts) a 25 minute documentary about last years edition of the festival...
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Dick el Demasiado
Noise Extravaganza
The Garage, which started in 2001, is a podium for modern music in an old hardware store in The Hague. Once a month they organise “Den Haag ruist”(The Hague Noise”), an evening full of music ranging from electro-acoustic sounds to noise without compromise, from adventurous electronic music to free jazz, from improvisation to performances. The Garage is also initiated the Noisescap festival, a yearly event on a special location in The Hague. On this year’s TodaysArt Festival The Garage will relocate to the Theater aan het Spui and provide the festivalgoer with an evening of great, special weird and exciting acts which will linger around your eardrums for a long, long time.

friday THEATER AAN HET SPUI (Small Hall) continuous

ElectroCumbia Concert
For years, Dick el Demasiado worked in Argentina on revitalising an old Latin-American musical genre: the Cumbia. He classified his new take on the genre as Lunatic Cumbias. Within a few years these “Cumbias”, together with the unpredictable Experimental Cumbias, generated a whole new subgenre in the Latin-American underground music scene. Demasiado launched the label Festicumex Legends and worked with artists such as Mariana the Slowmotioned, The Underdeveloped of the North, Padre Teresa, Hygienca Gonzale, the Palestinos Olvidados and Foot of Pele. After having conquered South-America, Dick now introduces his unique style in Europe.

friday THEATER AAN HET SPUI (Small Hall) continuous


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