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during Unit Moebius's Live-concert the artist shown below is also performing...

Mobiletti Giradischi

theater aan het spui (big hall)
friday 01:00-01:30
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complete line-up paard van troje small hall friday
Last Angel of History | Mothership Connection    22:30 - 23:00
The Inspiration of UR    23:00 - 00:00
Unit Moebius    00:30 - 02:00
Serge    02:00 - 04:00


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watch the 2005 documentary
former HKU-student Juriaan Moolhuysen made (together with a great team of enthusiasts) a 25 minute documentary about last years edition of the festival...
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Unit Moebius
Starting as Europe's only true answer to Underground Resistance, the godfathers of The Hague's industrial techno/planet rock scene, evolved gradually from deep alienating lo-fi acid house and crazy rigid jack trax (mixing the best of the Detroit and Chicago styles) to hard pounding dark industrial techno, freaky techno funk pop and mean minimalistic machine music.

Raw primitive production and sound (the first 7 albums were recorded on a nearly-broken cassette recorder - it was all they had!), very diverse in style, but always with that typical twisted, paranoid and fucked-up drive, a bad sweaty groove that feels like a mindfuck; all records are considered cult-classics! Life is a waveform!

friday PAARD VAN TROJE (Small Hall) 00:30 - 02:00


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