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complete line-up paard van troje foyer saturday
godspill     - continuous


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watch the 2005 documentary
former HKU-student Juriaan Moolhuysen made (together with a great team of enthusiasts) a 25 minute documentary about last years edition of the festival...
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Godspill Shop
Godspill is a project of Algerian born artist, Mehdi Rouchiche. Living since 1989 in the Netherlands, Godspill dedicated this project to The Hague underground scene, sharing his images with many artists and visioning the sound of The Hague electro and rock generation.

Godspill and the Catharsis of the Evil Needle! Godís pill or god spill? Bear god or beard god? Crank whore or crack whore? Come to the Great Delusion of our sectarian cult! Worship the ubiquitous Mammon of our false life-style religion! Mankind is out there, ready to be fooled by the Grand Demiurge, subjugated to the Evil Needle, ready to be rocked, like a little baby in its mother's arms, ready to be opiated /operated by emotional illusions, when drowned in pathos, ready to be penetrated by all the filth in the world (Burn! Babylon! Burn!), every orifice must be consumed/consummated, every cavity must be fed, as true Love is meat, ready to ease and please, ready to be arbitrarily disposed of, a mere chemical balance of the right drugs, the right stimuli and there you ARE! That extra chubby rim of fat under your hairy Alfa-male chin (your access to sex and dominance!) and that whole damn' DNA war (your battle for eternity!) is won! Take that subject! Eat it! Make it YOUR object! DO WHAT THOU WILLT! Your flesh is mine, young god, young slave! Mind is matter and only but matter as the true Love of God is matter and only that matters! Beware my little friends! The Evil Needle is out there, to take away the pain..., Ooohhh, Lord!

Amen, your Minister of Propaganda,

Guy Tavares.

saturday PAARD VAN TROJE (Foyer) continuous

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