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watch the 2005 documentary
former HKU-student Juriaan Moolhuysen made (together with a great team of enthusiasts) a 25 minute documentary about last years edition of the festival...
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what is MYtodaysart?
More than a mailinglist!

MYtodaysart offers a range of usefull, dope and most probably interesting add-ons for this todaysart webspace.

Registered users will not only receive the newsletter, but can for example also join the so-called Pictgame, a todayart 2006 relevant photoquiz, with fantastic prizes (festivaltickets) to win.

Besides that you have access to the SMS-codes which you can use to download the festival's mobile programme on your cellphone.

Once logged in, you'll be able to add acts and artists you like to your personal line-up and decide to print it as a timetable, or store it as a pdf.

Furthermore you can automatically compose your personal programme booklet, with your own picture on the cover!

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