The Generator Foundation
The Generator positions itself in providing a platform for Art, Music & Technology. Next to well-known projects such as the TodaysArt Festival, The Generator initiates other projects organised either exclusively by The Generator or in collaboration with other promoters, production companies, entities and public bodies which agree with our philosophy.

Quality, creativity and innovation are key points in our approach.

The Generator believes strongly in providing a platform for fresh and vigorous creativity, new forms of expression, and upcoming talent boldly exploring the possibilities of the new and controversial.

International projects that range from fashion to design, from cinema to music, from new media to art, are central to the constant and fervent creative search of The Generator Foundation.

The Generator´s mission: promoting creativity and allowing it to flower in a spirit of freedom and intercultural dialogue is one of the best ways of maintaining cultural vitality. Access to new technologies opens up the way to original forms of expression.