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TodaysArt Festival = 2 nights and days stuffed with creativity, music (electronic, hiphop, dubstep, baile funk, noise and so on), visual arts, modern dance, concerts, parties, surprises, artist talks at 25 locations (in/outdoor) in the city centre of The Hague.

Check the complete line-up or timetable for all artists. Be smart and buy your tickets in presale online. Get a more visual introduction via TodaysArt Television!

festival for adventurous creativity

Fans of adventurous and groundbreaking creativity in design, music, art, fashion, modern dance, photography, art-science, theatre, film, video screenings, presentations and debates: pack your bags and fly with us to the third edition of the TodaysArt Festival, which takes place on the 21st and 22nd of September 2007 in the city centre of The Hague, codenamed THX: The Hague International Airport.

Artists from all four corners of the world will touch down for a weekend of unique and cutting edge artistic showcases, exhibitions, performances and club nights. Talented explorers invite you to witness their own personal take on today’s creativity. Together, their contributions form an inspiring and adventurous program.

The TodaysArt Festival brings a whole range of innovative and groundbreaking acts to the Netherlands. The third edition of the festival takes place at more than 25 locations in the city centre, both in- and outdoor. The program consists of more than 200 artists from over 25 countries, representing nearly every art discipline imaginable and
putting The Hague on the international map as the stage par excellence for contemporary creativity.

Expect musical genres such as dubstep, techno, detroit, hiphop, italo disco, rave, disco, ambient, minimal, dancehall, hiphop, baila funk, darkcore, IDM, glitch, trance, breakbeat, bitpop, electro, motorrock and lo-fi. In addition, our Detroit Special, the French/German/UK-programs, the HipHop-program and the female-artists-only booty shaking dancehall baila disco party will keep you moving until early in the morning.

For two days, the city centre of The Hague will function as one big festival terrain, with performances both in the public domain and on several indoor stages. Interactive installations, projections and acts use the city centre as a stage and will transform The Hague into an inspiring stronghold of audiovisual experiences.

The TodaysArt Festival provides a unique opportunity to experience the creativity of a wide range of pioneers, improvisers, and inspired anti-conformists, who will transport you to sonic and visual destinations that will surpass all expectations.

First names now announced: check the program here!

casting for volunteers
All help is welcome as we approach another edition of todaysart festival.

Want to join in and earn lifelasting respect? Experience a festival
the other way around? The big casting is ON!

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